Many of our customers are shopping for "Free From" items, the most common of which is gluten free.  While Red Front does not have a specific gluten free section in our store, we have lots of gluten free items on every aisle.  We have several ways to make finding gluten free items at Red Front easier.  First, we've put together a brochure listing many of the gluten free items in our store.  You can find a copy of this in the lobby or view a PDF version here.  We try to update this brochure every couple of months, since items are always changing.  Along with an item listing, you'll also find item location in this brochure.  It is impossible to have a complete listing of all the gluten free items we have, so we've also tried to identify gluten free items with a special label on the item's shelf tag.  So as you are shopping, looking for the special labels shown below.  While many items are labeled with special tags, this is a work in process, so it is still important to check the product labels of items with these tags,  Also, some gluten free items may not have been given special tags yet.  If you find items that should have tags corrected, please let us know. 


gluten free label







As always, if there is a certain gluten free item you are looking for, please ask us about it.  We'll be happy to check on item availability through our warehouse and if possible, order the item for you.