Have you ever wished you had an extra pair of hands?  Red Front understands our customers have very active lives, and we can help.by providing you with your own personal grocery shoppers, who fulfill your order with care and attention to quality.

Think about it. After a busy day, and with tomorrow's schedule not looking any better, you can simply log-in or pick up your phone and order your groceries. That's it, we do the rest. No muss and no fuss. We will shop for your groceries and bring them to you, or you can stop by our store and we will put them in your car for you.

Please read the guidelines below to have insure your delivery experience is a positive one!!




Guidelines for Online Shopping

If you have problems signing up for an account, please contact the store (540-434-0850) or hometowngrocers.com (877-933-3003).

In store pick-up and delivery for selected areas (view map here) is currently available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. In cases of inclement weather, please contact the store to see about delivery availability.  

Orders can be placed several days in advance, or same-day service is also available if you place your order at least three hours before your selected delivery or pickup time.

Our delivery windows are two hours, meaning your order will be delivered within two hours after the time you request or should be picked up at the store during the two hour period.  Specific delivery requests (i.e. if you choose the 4:00 time and need it delivered after 5:15) and instructions can be made in the "My Notes" section of your order, we will do our best to fulfill those requests.  When choosing your delivery date and time please be sure to double check that you have selected the correct date. 

All orders require a $30 minimum order, excluding fees.   The fee for orders picked up at our store is $4.95.   The fee on delivered orders is $6.95. Orders placed with the HometownGrocers.com call center (877-933-3003) will have an additional $5 service fee.


The check-out page does mention a check payment option, but that is not available. 

The "Store Account" button is ONLY to be used by pre-approved businesses making use of our service.  If you select that option and you are not approved, your order may be delayed or cancelled.

The total amount you pay may differ from your checkout total due to out of stock items, substitutions, special request items or if you order random weight items. Please also note that the service provider charges a pre-authorization fee to your card account to insure that the transaction can be completed.  This fee is removed with your account within 24-48 hours.

Our Online Shopping Service requires that you or a responsible person be at the delivery destination at the scheduled delivery time to receive your order. Similarly, if you have selected store pickup, you or a responsible person must pick up your order at the scheduled time.   Please double check your selected date and time when checking out.  Orders which are not picked up within the 2 hour window or which are unable to be received upon delivery appointments will be subject to a $20.00 restocking fee. Redeliveries will be charged an additional $6.95.

If you opt to pick up your groceries at the store, we have a parking space reserved just for you!  Simply come in to Customer Service and ask for your order.  A store employee will be happy to put your order in your car for you.  Or you can stay in your car and call the store (our phone number is on the parking sign) and let us know you've arrived and we'll bring the groceries right to your car.

Shopping online is virtually the same as shopping in our store. We offer thousands of items online at our in-store price.  You can shop items from our weekly ad, noting that our new sale prices will not update on the site until noon each Wednesday.  You will be charged the price that is on the site when you place your order.  Please note that not all items found in our store are available with our online service, but you can place special requests for items not found on the site as you place your order.  Some printed advertised specials and promotional offers including student discounts will not be available for online shopping orders.

Manufacturer's coupons may be used towards your order, coupons must be verified and collected by the delivery person or store personnel for pick-up orders.  

We reserve the right to limit quantities.   For large quantity orders, please call the store directly (540-434-0850) to insure item availability. All images are for illustration purposes only and may not represent the actual product.  We reserve the right not to honor typographical pricing errors. 

Placing an order for someone else?  We welcome orders where 1) the person receiving the delivery is not able to place orders online so someone else is placing the order for them and 2) an out of area relative or friend would like  to send groceries to someone within the delivery area.  This is a great use of this service, but here's a few things to keep in mind.  When signing up for an account, please use the name and address of the person who will be receiving the delivery.  You can use your e-mail address and your phone number for the "other" number field.  If you are paying for the order, you will enter your name when you check out and provide credit card information.  Please let us know that the order is being placed by someone other than the recipient by contacting the store or placing a message in the "my notes" section of your order.  Also remember, we are not a "surprise" delivery service.  Please let the person you are ordering for know to expect a delivery and be sure that someone will be at the address during the selected delivery time.

Have more questions?  Call us at 540-434-0850. 
For technical support, call 877-933-3003.